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Donato Bramante was one of the most famous artists during the Renaissance period and if you are travelling to Milan accompanied with your escort, you can visit a lot of his masterpieces located in various parts of the city.

He was born near Urbino in 1444 and unfortunately we don’t know a lot about his early life except the fact that during the time he lived in his native city, he was an assistant of Piero della Francesca; before 1477 he probably was mainly a designer of architectural perspectives which were used by other artists.

In 1477 Bramante, after travelling in differente cities and after having met other famous painters of that time such as Mantegna, Alberti and Brunelleschi, arrived in Milan where he could see the cathedral workshop: the city, which was an important cultural, artistic and economic centre, represented a big opportunity for the young artists to work and live in a wealthy metropolis.

Bramante - Santa Maria alla Grazie - Milano

Around 1481 he started to work to the church of Santa Maria which was the first building attributed to him and later he was commissioned – together with other artists – to create a plan for the cathedral of Pavia.

Being part of Ludovico and Ascanio Sforza’s court, he had the great opportunity to enter in contact with important artists, humanists, poets as well as other influential courtiers: in particular he met the Genius Leonardo da Vinci with whom he had close relations.

Let your escort guide you throught the city: you can appreciate and admire a lot of monuments such as the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Church of Saint Ambrose which host some of his creations; is possible to see a fresco inside the Sforza Castle and the wonderful “Christ at the Column” in the Abbey of Chiaravalle.

Bramante was one of the most important architects of the past and his presence in Milan was considered fundamental for the growth of the city as cultural and artistic centre.

The city hosts some of his creations which are located in different churches and monuments and in particular, if you love paintings, I could escort you in Brera Museum where is possible see beautiful Bramante’s masterpieces.

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