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About me

I’m Edith ✅, a sweet and very feminine Italian woman living in the wonderful city of Milan situated in the North of Italy: genuine, passionate and warm hearted, I’m an Elite Escort Courtesan and High Class GFE companion. Physically I have a slender, all natural and trained body of 175cm tall and 55kg that I keep in excellent form with a lot of sport, exercise and healthy food.

Poised, calm and very well mannered with deep and penetrating eyes I’m the perfect companion for gentlemen searching an unforgettable and romantic dinner date.

 Escort Milan: Edith


I’m a true person, and very curious: I like very much meeting new people, having a sparkling and interesting conversation and share magical moments. I’m also a very good listener!

Among my passions, which include theatre, literature, phylosophy, history, cuisine, gardening and events, a prominent position is occupied by the Art: here in Milan there are some considerable Museums – such as Brera and others – which host the most famous and important masterpieces in the world.

I adore visiting them as well as all the Art Events organized in Milan. If you are and ArtLover we could enjoy them together: please read more details in my Escort Service page.

So if you are an educated Gentleman searching exclusively a Girlfriend-Experience and if you are planning to visit Milan or other cities in Lombardy – such as Brescia, Bergamo, Cremona or Monza – I would be glad to meet you.

As an Escort – Courtesan of High Level I’m available exclusively for men interested in a discreet and wonderful encounter during which we can create a deep connection on physical and above all mental level sharing a mutual enjoyment.

I have a professional job in the fashion world: I love it and I think is it very important to be dressed in the appropriate way for any circumstance so that I select with care my clothing preferring a discreet, classic look to be always well-presented and to have a classy, stylish, clean and immaculate image.

My wardrobe include very elegant clothes - for dinner dates, formal events or theater – as well as more casual clothes for informal events or outdoor activities. Obviously I take very care and I give a lot of importance to my underwear: elegant lingerie is a means of seduction.

Apart my “professional passion” for fashion design, I like very much also architecture, interior design, decoration and the art of furnishing a house.

I’m interested also in science: Milan hosts one of the most important Museum dedicated to the Genius Leonardo Da Vinci and if you are a science-lover I’m available to escort you to discover this magnificent place.

My peculiarity: I have all natural body without any tatoos or piercing, I don’t use heavy make-up, I don’t wear mini-skirt or “nightclub dress”. Grace and femininity are my aim.
Pursuiting a professional career, I’m not a full time escort and I’m only available to meet gentlemen occasionally. Privacy and discretion are my priority.

Education and Personality

I was born in Milan – where currently I live - and I grew up from an upper class background. I studied in my city completing a university degree in Humanistic discipline.

I have a genuine personality, a warm loving nature and a great attitude: I like very much to bring positive emotions, kindness and good energy into people's lives taking very great pleasure and satisfaction in doing that, especially when with my manners and attention I can make a gentleman feel special.

Very dinamic and friendly with everyone, I’m a true and easy going person with a deep passion for life: I enjoy stay active and meeting new people with whom I can create a true intimacy, a connection of souls and genuine affection.

As well as I like to have great and intelligent conversation about almost any topic such as current affairs, history, art, politics, environment, economy, general culture.

I’m sensual, confident and naturally elegant with an impeccable social etiquette, polite manners and discreet presentation; I’m extremely selective and available only for some educated and refined gentlemen requiring an high class escorts service.

Compassionate and with an intact moral, I have a deep appreciation for respect, integrity, honesty and authenticity which are fundamental in my life.

What I like…

I take excellent care of my myself with a very healthy lifestyle which brings benefit and well-being to my body, mind and soul: it is fundamental feed me with good food as well as with good books.

In term of my fitness I make on average three hours a day of regular movement and excercise: I prefer open air activities such as making long walks during every season and with every termperature or weather, as well as going to the swimming pool.

Stay in the “Nature” and explore it is one of my favourite activity as well as spending time making gardening and create a beautiful exterior design!

Eating well is basic and I eat only clean and healthy food. Cuisine is one of my passions as I like very much going out to eat as well as spending time in my kitchen to cook.

I’m very selective about restaurants and I like very much discover new and talented chefs in Milan and testing their abilities: here there is a plenty of choice included a high number of restaurants which are starred in the famous Michelin Guide.

In my spare time I try to prepare and invent good dishes preferring always an organic-bio food without the use of pesticides or other chemical substance: this is fundamental to respect agriculture and our environment.

I enjoy my lifestyle choices and during my escorts service any drug use such as cocaine or others, heavy drinking or other unsafe practices are absolutely prohibited.

As I said above, it is important feed well the body with good food as well as the mind with good books: I try at least to read one book a week with a preference for history, especially medieval history, philosophy and classics as well as different kind of romance.

I’m an “history and art lover” and I like very much to visit ancient castles, archeological sites, monuments, art galleries and museums, of which Milan is really full.

I love animals and nature and I have a deep respect for them: for this reason I decided to be on the board of different organizations and charities to give my contribution. At the same time I try to be a responsible and ethical consumer in my dailylife and during shopping.

Before to contact me, please make sure to have read “about me”, “escort service” and “booking” pages.


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