When my children were still a student I traveled a family once a year.

I usually stay busy .

I usually stay busy ... ... I did not travel for a few years. When I told him, ""I want to travel, occasionally,"" he told me that I should go on a hot spring, so I went on a spa trip for a while. Although the place was a neighboring prefecture, even if it is near, I do not know besides it. Cheap and trying to find a good hot spring! Hot springs I found by listening to friends or searching on the net. The price was really reasonable. Apart from that, with a street pendulum one person under 10000 yen. Because the price was cheap, I did not expect much cooking, but I was surprised at the dish that Nakai had carried! It is a magnificent dish not to ride a table. As soon as I arrived, I took a nice beer and took a nap. After that, I took a bath and was supper, but it was a really meaningful trip. Before this trip, I and I who was out of communication for several months after a big fight. But I made up with this trip as a trigger. That's why the hot spring is a very memorable hot spring. The great open-air whilst watching the big first-class river was exceptional. I sat relaxed while watching the setting sunset. A stone was spread over the bottom of the open pit. Owner asked that stone was put in because the feeling that the owner who entered when it was small was like that feeling so much. Also, I would like to look for such a hot spring. Overseas are also good, but domestic travel, warmth of the Japanese, I am impressed with the dishes ... I become warm to my heart. If anything, I prefer domestic travelers.

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