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Caravaggio - Michelangelo Merisi

Supper at Emmaus in Milan

Enjoy in the company of your escort the wonderful painting of an artist with a very turbulent life but endowed with a great talent: this painter is Michelangelo Merisi known as Caravaggio which is the name of his place of birth.

Caravaggio was born in the north of Italy in 1571 and about his early life there are not many historical information: it seems that the bubonic plague killed his family leaving him orphaned at age of 11 and following this event he moved to Milan starting to work as apprentice with Simone Peterzano.

Caravaggio - Milano 

Around 1588 he moved to Rome and, being initially without work, he began to assist other painters until 1595 when he started selling his own paintings: the cardinal Francesco del Monte was so enchanted by Caravaggio’s works to offer him to stay in his house with a pension.

Caravaggio became very popular as an artist but at the same time he was a provocative and violent man: he was declared guilty about the murder of a man in Rome and for this reason he was forced to travel to Naples, Malta and Sicily.

His masterpieces are famous for the “tenebrism” technique: he painted physical and emotional human state, in particular violent struggles or death, using a dramatic lighting.

He inspired the Baroque movement and the following artists influenced by him such as Rubens, Rembrandt, Bernini were called “Caravaggisti”.

Discover with your escort the wonderful painting “Supper at Emmaus” which represents the biblical scene when Christ reveals himself to his disciples: this masterpiece can be compared with the same version located in the National Gallery in London and both are characterized for the expansive gestures, the colours and the tenebrism technique.

It was painted between 1605 and 1606 and it is an oil on canvas of cm 141 x 175 of dimensions: if you are an art lover I would be glad to escort you to Brera Museum of Milan to admire this famous painting.

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